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Agility, alignment, and adaptability are our key focus areas to offer services of the highest quality to our broad spectrum of clients. With state-of-the-art and industry-leading distribution infrastructure, we deliver solutions that adhere to the highest international standards.

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Who We Are

Petra Energy, having corporate headquarters in Houston, specializes in offering complete supply chain management solutions to the global oil and gas majors in the public and private sectors. Developing innovative tools, skills, and technologies to integrate and expedite the supply chains in the most complex geographies is what we do best.

Petra has been in operation since 1972. The vast experience gained by our parent company has helped us forge solid business relationships with internal and external clients, contractors, applicants, and suppliers. We deliver the right solutions to our business partners through specialized knowledge and tenacity.

Our offices in the USA, Singapore, Poland, UK, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Iraq assist in the strategic procurement of commodities and offer clients unbeatable pricing and lead times. With presence in such strategic locations, we are well-equipped to handle supplies to markets such as Romania, Spain, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

Our Vision

We aim to be an indispensable partner to our clients by offering them efficient procedures, unique, customized solutions, and outstanding customer service. In a constantly evolving energy industry, we envision engaging the best people today to meet the energy challenges of tomorrow. We constantly work to develop a community of experts and vendors who can deliver advanced solutions, enabling clients to make the right moves for their businesses.

Our Mission

With an extensive portfolio of services, a solid supply chain network, and a track record of excellent customer service, it is our mission to excel in every aspect of the business. As part of our commitment to deliver the best products and services, we focus exclusively on the energy sector. By strategically aligning our customers goals, we aim to help them achieve market value and give them an edge over their rivals.

Our History


Travis L Samford founded CMA Tool Company to manufacture pressure control equipment.


The company entered into the downhole drilling market with the introduction of a proprietary new tool – The Hole Straightener. The innovation was a huge success and led to global expansions.


As a part of Global Expansion, CMA Tool changed its name to Double S Tool Company. Additional tools such as Drilling Jars, Shock Subs, and Bumper Safety joints were added to the portfolio.


With the vast product portfolio, the company ultimately entered into rental tool operations in the following countries: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, and the UAE


The company ultimately became part of the Petra Group and was renamed Petra Drilling Services with primary focus on providing rental tool equipment to the energy industry.


Petra Group formed a joint venture with SLK Global, a leading oil and gas contractor in the defense sector. Petra Energy was born to support the energy industry with procurement and supply of materials and also further expand the tools rental operations.

Meet Our Team

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